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Daily living and Mobility

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BACKBONES was born when friends and family of Reveca Torres started a fundraising campaign in order to help pay for medical expenses after a spinal cord injury. Surrounded by great people, Reveca realized the importance of a support system to help reach one’s goals after an injury and the impact others with similar injuries had — they provided motivation and confidence that couldn’t be found elsewhere. With the support and guidance of so many, Reveca Torres and co-founders Veronica Gott, Patricia Mikicic, and Annie Gonzalez put a long-time goal into motion and transformed BACKBONES into what it is today: a place to connect with others with the purpose of learning, teaching, and sharing.

Disability isn’t a burden, it’s a way of Life

Ryan Swanepoel

Getting used to my new normal

Kira Sharn

Walk my way

My story with paraplegia

Hend El Shemy

Why we play - Challenge Accepted

JK Larson

There is No Magic Wand

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