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10 Asperger Signs...

Neurotypical People Say the Following Things to You:

1. "You don't look autistic"

2. "Stay still"

3. "Stop tapping that"

4. "My friend's sister's daughter is autistic! Do you know her?"

5. "You've got a job?! Good for you! I didn't know you could have a job"

6. "ARE YOU OK?"

7. "I think everyone is a little bit autistic though..."

8. "Were you vaccinated as a child?"

9. "Is that the same as dyslexia?"

10. "I'm antisocial too, don't worry"

You have been caught in the following situations:

1. You have broken something by stimming with it

2. You have tripped over nothing. LITERALLY NOTHING

3. You hear/smell/see something that no one else in the room is aware of

4. You notice someone has changed something subtle about their appearance but you don't want to say anything in case you sound creepy

5. You've forgotten to eat or drink or shower because you have become absorbed in your special interest

6. You avoid certain foods because of how they feel rather than how they taste

7. You cut the labels out of your clothes because they're itchy and who needs to know what size something is after you've bought it anyway?

8. You have drawn a crowd whilst you're having a meltdown

9. You'd rather stroke a dog than chat to it's owner

10. You can't understand why people get offended when you tell them that yes, their bun does look big in that.

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