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A tetraplegic’s epic challenge...

200 Days 1 tetraplegic 100 miles static-cycle 6 hours or less 30 July 2017 In June 2016 whilst training for RideLondon, the 100-mile charity cycle following the London2012 Olympic track, I fell from my bike and broke my neck sustaining a devastating spinal cord injury at C3/C4. Immediately upon impact I lost ALL sensation and movement below the middle of my neck. I was classified tetraplegic.

I was conscious throughout my accident. When I reached the hospital I remember being told my injury was severe and it was terrifying to think I'd never move any of my limbs again.

What became known as my first 200 Days Challenge started when I woke from surgery; a promise to my wife Helen that I'd be back to normal by Christmas Day. Using every ounce of determination and months of gruelling rehabilitation I can now walk again and have a new 200 Day Challenge.

THE GOAL: Raise vital funds for research into spinal cord repair. The #200Days Challenge takes me through 200 days of gruelling physical training, really testing his endurance and spirit, and ultimately leading him back to conquer the 100 miles he intended to cycle for charity a year ago.

Given the severity of my injury, this ambitious challenge should be simply impossible but I see it as another goal!

After months of specialist neurorehabilitation, I still have significant issues to overcome but I can now walk. Without the right interventions it could have been a very different outcome for me. Wings for Life directly funded the experimental trial that helped me. That is why I support Wings for Life. Through funding essential research and trials like mine they provide hope for the 1200 people in the UK and Ireland who are paralysed every year as a result of a spinal cord injury. With Red Bull covering all operational costs, Wings for Life ensure every penny goes directly into SCI Research so please show your support of me and DONATE NOW!

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