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A motivated life

The struggle I face today

My name is Anatoly and I am from Ukraine. I am 24 years old. When I was born they discovered I have a group of disabilities. I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, paralysis, and dwarfism.

On top of that my mother has mental health issues and was not able to take care of me, so I was placed in foster care and raised mostly in a type of boarding school. The chances of me surviving in this environment with my disabilities were not big. To everyone's surprise, I did survive. I always had a fighting spirit.

My dream is to get a good education and become a successful member of society. And I work tirelessly. I am interested in politics and social issues. I would love to work in construction and social housing because I understand and relate to these issues. I attended countless seminars and courses organized for young leaders. I was lucky to meet many influential and successful people in Ukraine and I became an advocate for disability rights. I also participated in charity events, television programs, and shared my story and the story of people with disabilities in the media. In my country, people with disabilities do not have a lot of opportunities. It is important for me to show every person has the right to dream. People with disabilities have the ability to be what they have always dreamed of. We just need support to do so. It is important to show people that we can!

Unfortunately, my work is not enough. Today I am in trouble and I am facing an impossible struggle. I'm about to lose my temporary shelter and find myself on the street. I don't have anyone to turn to.

I appealed to various officials, knocked on doors, and spoke to authorities. I asked and begged, but I was not allowed to exercise my right to housing. The system let me down.

The authorities see me as just another problem. They only see the disability and I am often demeaned and treated as less than a man - a cripple, a dwarf ...

There is hope. I have decided to fight, once again. I decided to show that a little help and support goes a long way. I am raising money for my own housing and I have decided to show that I can achieve my dreams! I need your help to make it all come true! The first step is for me to secure a roof over my head!

I will not let you down, I promise! I will do my best to justify your trust! And my mission will be to become a decision-maker who can make serious changes for people with disabilities in Ukraine. No other person should go through what I am going through.

You can donate hereor directly to my account in Ukraine: 5168745015716456, Anatoliy Ivanovych Tymchuk, the account is in Privat Bank in Ukraine.

You can visit my page and follow me if you like, your every like comment or repost can also help! Reach out to me if you have any questions. Help me show the world that we can!

In a couple of days, I have to pay for housing. I will be grateful to everyone for any help. But my main goal is to prove in society that people with disabilities are also people. In my country, people with disabilities are treated insultingly. More than once I heard insults addressed to me. I want people with disabilities to live with all of the possibilities and without prejudice!

Details of the foreign currency transfer are bellow:

TYMCHUK ANATOLIY, index 01001, Ukraine, city Kyiv, street Lvivska, building 25 -Account in the recipient's bank (plastic card number or current account in PrivatBank) 4731219630345928 -Recipient's bank PRIVATBANK, 1D HRUSHEVSKOHO STR., KYIV, 01001, UKRAINE SWIFT CODE / BIC: PBANUA2X -Correspondent bank JP MORGAN CHASE BANK SWIFT CODE / BIC: CHASUS33 -Account of the recipient's bank in the correspondent bank 0011000080 -IBAN: UA983052990000026204888578337