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“A Positive Attitude Will Lead To Positive Results”

Jaliyah’s Journey with Erb’s Palsy

Before Jaliyah was born I never heard anything about Erb's Palsy. On October 24, 2006 that all changed. During delivery the doctors caring for me didn't take the necessary precautions to protect my baby, because of this Jaliyah was born with a right arm Brachial Plexus injury. She started Pt 2 weeks after she was born, and OT 3 weeks later to see if she would gain any movement or feeling in her arm...she didn't. At 8 months old Jaliyah had a very successful nerve graft that gave her feeling in her arm, and limited movement. Regardless of her injury she always pushed forwards, and conquered any obstacle that was put before her with her Beautiful smile.. At 8 years old, and again in January she had Botox to relax the muscles to give her weaker muscles a chance to get stronger with intense PT/OT. At 11 years of age Jaliyah did everything the doctors said she wouldn't do. She loves dancing, Jump roping, flipping , swimming, and cooking. Her dream is to own her own Restaurant so she could provide food to homeless children. Because of this injury Jaliyah was blessed to meet others with Erb’s Palsy from all over the world. Everyday is another chance to be GREAT!!! Always push forwards!


#Actionstartsnow: Raising Hope for Erb's Palsy

Raising Hope, Inc was started to provide supportive services and programs to children/ Adults with the same injury as Jaliyah. Since Erb's Palsy isn't a well known injury we want to raise awareness , and put a spot light on a injury that affects our children tremendously . If you are a parent with a child with Erb's Palsy please request us on Facebook at Erb's Palsy Support Group for Parents( Arm's In Motion), like Our business on fb at Raising Hope, Inc, and follow Jaliyah's on IG @Jaliyah1024

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