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Bringing Spina Bifida Awareness to Kuwait

My little warrior: Ali Alhadi

This is my son Ali Alhadi (@ali_alhadi_q8). We call him "little warrior." He is 3 years old. During pregnancy at 24 weeks, my baby was diagnosed with Spina Bifida. It was the first time I ever heard about this birth defect, and I was in shock. Doctors told me that if I knew earlier I should have induced a miscarriage because my baby would be disabled, unable to walk, would have mental challenges and many medical issues that would be difficult to deal with.

Preparing for a baby with Spina Bifida

In my country we don't have Spina Bifida clinics thus I was frustrated and sad because I didn't know how I would manage. I knew deep inside that my baby in whatever condition would be God's gift. I was sure that he would be a blessing. I educated myself and read a lot about Spina Bifida because I wanted to be ready to take care of my baby.

Happy Baby with spina bifida

Today, Ali is a happy baby. He was born in Kuwait and had his first neurosurgery within 24 hours of being born. Then we traveled to the USA to Chicago and continued his treatment courses for more than a year. It's true Ali can't walk, he uses a wheelchair, and has some other medical issues but he (himself) doesn't mind it!

He is a bright, smart and happy. He has the most beautiful smile ever. While we were at Lurie Children's Hospital, I was asked in an interview what my wish would be for Ali to become? What do I want him to achieve in his life? I answered at the exact moment: all i want for Ali is to be happy. I want him to be himself because he has the purest soul.

Spina Bifida Awareness Association Kuwait

I started a non profit organization called Spina Bifida Awareness Association Kuwait (@SBawareness) aiming to raise awareness. I provide medical information and the latest studies translated into Arabic, and also treatments available in Kuwait and abroad. I meet with parents and support them. I try my best to provide answers and connect people to the right medical services available.