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Dancing With Wheels: My life with Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction


My name is Oji, though on stage I am "Lindy" Dannelley. I have two amazing grown children, and am Georgia born and bred. I come from a large complicated family and have love performing since I was old enough to know what it was. I began acting at age 6, was a professional Stage Manger at 21, and by 30 was the Artistic Director of Koalaty Presentations and the Plays in Process Program at Stage Door Players for the next 7 years. I since have written published poetry and essays in a variety of publications and a full length play "Unfinished Music". These days, I am solely focused on integrated dance as my day job and outlet for my continued journey as an artist.

Live an Audacious Life

When not dancing, I love swimming, horse back riding, and rolling to keep in shape on our local 4 mile accessible nature trail near my home. I also love cosplay, having NEVER missed any of the 30 years of the DragonCon Convention held here in my hometown of Atlanta.. I am also an ordained minister with the Church of the Greenwood and work with individuals dealing with terminal illnesses and working through the journey with their families. In my down time, I always head to the Blue Ridge, where my family lives on what we call "Papa's Mountain".

Bend, Move, Sway.........

I was first diagnosed with Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction and later Mononeuritis Multiplex following a car accident in 2009. I write a blog called "Bend, Move, Sway...", sharing my adventures as I first joined the world of dance as it corresponded with my entering the world of being disabled. As a "newbie" and never one to banter words, I speak bluntly about subjects (and especially words) that I was later to learn weren't the going PC terms. However, I still stand by my vow never to play "Gimper Than Thou" and firmly believe that everyone has the right to choose what words do or do not offend them for their own reasons. In fact, you can call me just about anything except "YOU PEOPLE". I will also state that I don't like to support a mind set when folks feel they are BOUND CONFINED or otherwise held back by being a wheel chair user. It is a hard adjustment, that I struggled with as, well, a Border Gimp. I don't think anyone should ever be made to feel like they have to "explain" or "excuse" the fact that they choose a chair to get around in, even if they do have whatever capacity to walk. It is THEIR quality of life. My chair, to me, is relief from pain, the freedom to go where I will (or decide to take myself), and it is my locomotion to dance. What I think we all struggle with, is the inaccessiblity of the world around us.

My World as a Writer

You can follow me on instagram, or read my essays at "Bend Move Sway" at which also include the very popular (and funny) "Gimp Rules: Bi-pediquette" and my most reprinted article "Border Gimps" which was born from my learning to make choices in movement that were the best for me. Please feel free to leave comments there. I haven't added this year's round of stories, as the dance company's 25th SILVER season started in Korea and will end for us this June in Spain. (My world being mostly, dance, rehearse, workout, sleep: repeat) I promise though, there are some good ones on the way.

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My name is Oji, though on stage I am "Lindy" Dannelley. I have Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction and was later diagnosed with Mononeuritis Multiplex.



Oji Dannelley

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Dancing With Wheels: My life with Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

My name is Oji, though on stage I am "Lindy" Dannelley. I have two amazing grown children, and am Georgia born and bred. I come from a large