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Fearless Little Dude with a Visual Impairment

How Elias navigates life with a visual impairment

Elias is 3 years old, and was born in Los Angeles, CA. He was diagnosed with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia at 6 months old. His condition came along with a few other diagnosis which were anticipated. Elias is severely visually impaired but has some light perception. He has such a big character and adventurous spirit! He absolutely loves music! Elias enjoys all things outdoors, rather it be walks around the block listening to any and everything around him, trips to the beach, and his favorite is swimming! Elias reminds those around him to appreciate the many things we take for granted. So young, but he already displays characters of courage and hope. We have such great support from our local programs. Elias has had the best experience with his past and current teachers, and absolutely wonderful services from the research team at Children's Hospital Los Angles. Of course we would love to thank @yoocandoanything for giving us the opportunity to share our story and be introduced to so many other beautiful stories and people, it's such an honor. Being blind does not change who you are, just changes how you live! For parents out there who may also have a child with a disability, do not be discouraged. Understand that it is an honor to be a parent of that child, being a parent can be difficult as is, but celebrating the little things everyday, and being aware that you were chosen to care for this special child with all the extra attention and love that they'll need gives you such perspective and pride- a true honor! Looking forward to see our Elias grow and see what he desires and accomplishes. As his parents, we will be sure to be cheer him on every step of the way! John 9:2-3

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