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Living to be happy


I grew up not knowing or understanding the phrase 'I cant'...I did what I wanted whether it was climbing the highest cliffs or swimming the fastest or furthest, whether it's dancing in the most crowded clubs or bungee jumping. Whatever challenge it was I knew I would do it and nothing would stop me. At a young age I was diagnosed with neruoblastoma cancer after procedures and chemo and a final operation I was finally cancer free but bound to a wheelchair for the rest of my life. As a kid my talent was sport and became an Australian record holding in swimming, but sport wasn't my passion... I went through the usual teenage changes, going from a cranky emo obsessed with music to a happy vice captain being the voice for the naughty and different in my school. By the end I knew I loved music and design. I went to a music school and a design on styling at the same time learning my trade and having amazing experiences in fashion and music.

My Next Adventure

Soon I was ready for my next adventure to travel and off I was to the U.S and Japan. I learnt so much living away from home and travelling alone. It is so important as a person in a chair to challenge our abilities and to take leaps into the unknown. This being a big leap was also the best thing I ever did. I was inspired by the people I met, the places I went and I grew as a woman to someone I loved even more. I am so lucky with the life I live and who I am. I have been given amazing opportunities like recently being an extra in an up coming Hollywood movie.. I get to style with amazing stylists and sing in front of inspiring musicians and musical legends. I hope for myself to have more opportunities to do what makes me happy.

I have travelled, learned, danced and laughed, I have been in love and am loved too. I have amazing people in my life and am so grateful for that...But I also hope to inspire ALL women to love themselves as they are and I hope to inspire ALL humans to know there worth and to not give up on themselves..I know now that I am beautiful, smart, funny and sexy and worthy of the life I dream..I want people to know that you too can feel this way and love your gorgeous selfs body and soul and that you are unstoppable as long as you don't give up on urself. ❤️️