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Loving life with SMA 2

Simone Pedersoli is my name and this is my story!

My name is Simone Pedersoli and I've just turned 19 years old. Since I was born I've lived in a beautiful village called Sacca in the Province of Brescia. It has only under 1000 inhabitants, it is located among the mountains, and everybody knows each other here. When I was a little baby my beloved parents soon noticed that I had difficulty in movements. After several visits the doctors found out that these difficulties were due to a genetic disease ... SMA 2. It is a rare disease that at the time passes by it weakens the muscles. I never walked and moved until the age of 3 when I began to use an electric wheelchair. I remember very well that at the kindergarten, all my friends were jealous of me because I had the toy car and they did not!

I was lucky to have parents like mine. They have always helped me with everything ... and ... they made me feel even more special. Thanks to them I've learned to love life, to savor every little thing the world has to offer and I feel good! In my opinion life is amazing in the way I'm living it now! I want nothing more and nothing less. For me to be able to fully appreciate the finer things in life, even if sometimes you also have difficulty!

Now let me tell you what my passions are. The thing that fascinates me the most is nature. I really love animals, a passion that I was passed on by my mom. We have a beautiful parrot that talks all the time, a chameleon named Camal (haha I could not have found a better name), water turtles and land, 8 dogs (yes, I have a bit too many), an aviary full of canaries, a guinea pig and about 500 cocoons of butterflies that should be born in a few days! Every year we release them all but one male and one female in order to always have a new generation. Another passion I have are cars! My biggest dream is to buy a nice Ferrari!

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