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Wheels on Wheelz: The Roller shows that ones Bike Life can continue after injury.

August 31st 2008, while riding one of my motorcycles on a sunny San Diego day, I was forced from my lane while exiting. My bike violently hit a center divider throwing me over the handlebars onto the pavement. My bike landed on my chest and nearly crushed the life out of me. I suffered numerous broken bones thoughout my body including my ribs, collar bones, shoulder blades, arms and fingers. I also collapsed both lungs which caused me to nearly suffocate within minutes of my accident. The major damage that would have a lasting effect on my life was the Spinal Cord Injury I substained at the T-4 level.

Motorcycles were my life

In the weeks that followed my injury I was told by doctors that I would never walk again, let alone ever be able to ride a motorcycle. I dont know which news I took harder. Motorcycles were my life. I had been riding motorcycles since 2nd grade and even before that I rode quadrunners since preschool.

I guess you can say I have always had a "Never Give Up, Never Quit" attitude, so it didnt take long for me to brush off the harsh reality that I would forever continue in life with a disability. But one thing I promised myself was that I would do all I could to see that this "disability" had the most minimal effect on anything and everything I choose to do.

Endless Ability

It did not take long for me to decide that I would find a way to get back on a bike and not only ride again, but be indepentant, and also look badder then I ever did before in the process! With lots of hard work and dedication I started Endless Ability Enterprises. A company that sells fashionable denim jeans for wheelchair users as well as many products that help improve the daily lives of those living with a disability. And through Endless Ability I with the help of family, fabricated and built these awesome bikes over the years. We adapted custom controls and a way to mount my wheelchair so that I can be completely independant while out enjoying what we like to call "Wind Therapy".

I have been blessed with the ability to ride my custom motorcycles to hospitals, rehabs centers, and support groups throughout California over the last 6 years showing many newly injured patients that Life After Injury is possible.

-Stay Rollin'

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"They said it wasnt possible. They said it could be done. - They lied." -Endless Ability.





Antonio Theroller

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August 31st 2008, while riding one of my motorcycles on a sunny San Diego day, I was forced from my lane while exiting. My bike violently hi