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Skating away from adversity

Wcmx world champion

My name is Blake Simpson, and skating is my life. Ever since I was young I've always had a thing for action-- sports, skateboarding, snowboarding and dirt biking were my favorite things to do, but I always put skating as my #1 priority. I had a extremely supportive dad who loved what I was doing with my life. When I was 13, he passed away and it changed everything. Life at home stopped, I went from being a part of a happy family with daily routines to pretty much just being by myself 24/7. Fast forward 33 years of secluding myself from the world, and I finally got tired of being depressed. I decided to start skating again. After about a year of skating, I was the passenger in a car accident that paralyzed me from the waist down. I hated myself for wasting those years of my life not doing what I loved, I never wanted to feel like that again. I used that as my driving force to push myself through rehab and teach myself how to get my life back when I came home. I didn't have any support of for my skating life at home, but everyday I would practice recovering from falls and strengthen myself to be able to ride in a skatepark. Within 6 months of being home I had a fundraiser created for a skate chair and went back to skating, no matter how crappy I felt. I made no excuses and continued to ska