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Some Good News

Some Good News (John Krasinski) (The Office)

Welcome back to the continuing story of YouTubers and Down syndrome advocates, Elijah and Crumpet! And boy, do we have Some Good News for you from Australia ...

We hope you are well and coping ok with the lockdowns and changes in your part of the world. These really are strange times, with so much bad news in the media ... so to combat this, John Krasinski (who you may know from the American version of The Office) decided to make his own show on YouTube called Some Good News, during which he has fun, does good and shares good news from around the world. It's great!

He showed some people who were copying him and joked about copyright, but then added that he welcomed and encouraged others to make their own good news. On hearing that, Elijah and Crumpet jumped at the opportunity to make our own Some Good News Australia show.


John's SGN team loved our video, tweeting "We're excited to share the most adorable copyright infringement we've ever seen" (see image below). What's more, they added us to their playlist!

You can find our video in the link, but we recommend you check out the original SGN channel first (just search for YouTube Some Good News) so you can see what we copied. It's worth subscribing (to both of us!) :)

With that, we have become their newest SGN Global Correspondents (#SGNCorrespondents) which is a great chance for us to advocate for Down syndrome. John has over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube (just a few more than we do!), with over 10 million views per show, so it's a fantastic opportunity for us to show how capable people living with Down syndrome can be if we believe in them, support them and set high expectations.

Please come on over and support us - share with friends or get in touch via:

Instagram @ElijahandCrumpet

Twitter @ElijahCrumpet

Facebook @ElijahandCrumpetbooks

YouTube channel Elijah and Crumpet

or email

You never know, we may be able to have a short video of YOUR good news on OUR good news to then get on the ORIGINAL Some Good News show! We love to hear from families with Down syndrome connections from around the world!

Stay safe,

Elijah and Crumpet (Dad) (Rob)

ps Before we go, can we just say "Hi Mum" and also plug our upcoming kids' book, Motivate Man, which was recently funded via Kickstarter. We'll add a picture below!

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Elijah is 10 years old and, together with Crumpet (Dad)(really?), has his own YouTube channel. He recently appeared on Australian T.V. and has featured in press articles. Elijah lives with his brother, parents, cat and puppet monkey in Brisbane, Australia, where he used to attend Scouts and regular school and do other regular things, before the world changed!





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Some Good News

Welcome back to the continuing story of YouTubers and Down syndrome advocates, Elijah and Crumpet! And boy, do we have Some Good News for yo