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The Up Life Of Emmy: Living With Down syndrome

Celebrating the joys of "up syndrome"

Emmy made a surprise entrance into the world 6 weeks early. I was being constantly monitored because there were periods where she was not moving. On the day she was born I went to the doctor to be monitored once again and the doctor made the decision that an emergency c-section was necessary. We knew about her Down syndrome diagnosis prior to delivery so we had time to go through all of the emotions and educate ourselves as much as possible.

The one thing we couldn’t prepare ourselves for, is how much joy we never knew we were missing until she arrived. We had doubts and concerns before Emmy arrived but unfortunately those feelings were based on misinformation and fear. She has been nothing short of amazing. She loves music, smiling, signing when we sing her favorite songs, playing with her puppy and pretty much anything any other baby would like to do.

She is the happiest, sweetest little person who brings out the best in everyone. She has taught me more about life in 15 months than I had learned in the previous 33 years. The world works in funny ways. Going through three years of trying for a family and countless fertility treatments, we didn’t know if having a child was in our future. Little did we know that God in his infinite wisdom had Emerson picked out for us all along. And the best part is that she’s better than anything we could have dreamed.

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