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10 Tips for Cooking With or Without a Disability!

Tip #1

Always read and reread a recipe so that you don't accidentally miss anything.

Tip #2

Be sure that you have all of the ingredients for the recipe.

Tip #3

Set out ingredients and your cooking equipment that you'll need.

Tip #4

Always be careful when handling with raw meat.

Tip #5

Have a timer on hand - you'll become great friends.

Tip #6

Don't get discouraged if a dish doesn't come out the way you want it the first time.

Tip #7

Practice makes perfect!

Tip #8

Remember to relax and take your time!

Tip #9

Listen to some music - this always helps calm my nerves.

Tip #10

Have fun!

And Always Remember

"No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing."

~ Julia Child

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