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10 Tips for Dating When You Have A Disability

Just thinking about my ex-boyfriend makes me upset. When I was 17 or 18 years old, I thought I had found love but it turned out to be a lie. My ex-boyfriend and I had been dating for 11 months when our relationship turned nasty. I broke up with him while losing all trust in men. I decided not to date anyone...until now.

Lets go back to 2012 first. My ex-boyfriend said some nasty words to me one evening when we were on the phone after I returned from a concert in London. At first the conversation was great- we were laughing and joking.

He didn't like me socialising or drinking, and this particular weekend I had been. He wasn't happy. Whilst on the phone, he turned nasty and said some unpleasant words about my disability and parents. He said the only reason my parents kept me was because of the benefits they could receive (ie: The blue parking badge, etc). However, my parents did a lot for me when it came to my disability, so I hung up and barely spoke to him and his family since then! Now I’m 26 I’m happy in love again with a great guy who understands me and my disability and is so caring and supportive and his family are amazing about my CP too. Here are my tips for helping to find that one true love

Tip #1: Be Honest

Tell your partner what disability you have and how it affects you in different ways. Tell them if you have a nickname for your weak side (ie: I call my left hand lefty).

Tip #2: Make Sure Your Partner's Family/ Friends Know About Your Disability

Make sure their family and friends understand that you have a disability so they dont say anything stupid such as those horrible names you hear now and again to describe people with disabilities.

Tip #3: Be Yourself

Make sure your partner sees the real you and don't hide behind your disability.

Tip #4: Be Comfortable

Make sure you do activities that you can actually do. You can even suggest to plan the first date if you want.

Tip #5: Answer Those Awkward Questions


Tip #6: Don’t Rely On A Romantic Partner for Daily Care