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10 Tips For Training With A Disability

Sophia's Tips For Training with a Disability

1. Find a coach/trainer that can modify/alter exercises

2. Don't overcompensate in areas that you are strong in for areas you are weak in

3. You deserve to be in the gym just as much as everyone else

4. Enjoy the gym, have it be be one of your happy places

5. Don't forget to stretch before and after workouts

6. Train hard/smart so your future self will thank you

7. Always remeber the dream and why you started

8. Just because you do a different exercise doesn't mean you are any different, I do modifications on a daily basis

9. Never be embarrassed by your disability, you cannot spell disability without ability

10. Focus on the positvies and progress.

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Hi my name is Sophie Herzog. When I was born I was diagnosed with a form of dwarfism known as achondroplasia. I was 1 in 26,000. I am a 2016 Paralympic Silver medalist in the sb6 100m breaststroke.