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12 hours that changed my life

Just a normal day

On October 8th, 2017 I went to work at the vet as per usual. It was a busy day of back to back operations. Around 2pm I noticed I hadn’t been to the toilet. I had back pain and pins and needles in my legs. I narrowed this down to a possible kidney/urine infection. I called the gp who sent me to the hospital for a bladder scan. I was in urine retention and they gave me an indwelling catheter and asked me to wait to be seen. I took a seat outside and noticed the pins and needles were progressively getting worse and my lower limbs were becoming numb. A doctor noticed I was struggling and admitted me to a ward . Once I got into the bed I didn’t get out for 3 months. After multiple tests such as lumbar punctures and MRI. I was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome. I had 5 days of IVIG treatment and this stopped the progression of GBS. It’s known as an acute disorder, which Is very rare. It was never formally informed on why I got it. I received intensive physio and I continue with life now. I also go horse riding with the RDA and go to the gym. I’ve used a wheelchair since and it’s given me my life back. I’m retraining to be a play therapist. I’ve had a little girl since and nothing has stopped me. Mobility aids are things that enable me to live. I don’t mind showing my catheter and I don’t feel embarrassed! What I would say to anyone going through a similar experience is to reach out and speak to others.