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5° Anniversary of my Spinal Cord Injury

The Day I Became A Paraplegic

Damn you 08-21-2013, every year you come back like a torment. I've been waiting too long for justice to put a solution and compensate me. By being a passenger on the bike and become paraplegic, I have to settle for a shitty pension and an active wheelchair. I have this chair thanks to the whole neighborhood and part of the city of Málaga that went to sell tickets for a flamenco festival, which every year is free and that year in honor of my accident and to get the chair, the tickets were sold for 5 euros. I have to thank all of those who could not attend but liked to collaborate and bought some tickets of the 0 row. It is something that I will always be grateful for and that I'll never forget. By the way, I'm still using this chair today 5 years after.

Dealing with my new life of having a spinal cord injury

There are so many people who try to refuge in something to forget problems or the situation they're living. The main disadvantage of that is the following: when the function ends or the action we are making, everything comes back again and problems aren't solved. We just become distracted. In my case, my spinal cord injury is complete and I'm sure that this will be my way of life forever. One day may I just assume it and it would be time to forget the mourning of the previous life.

RIP 08-21-2013

Possibly it is the year with the least strength and desire I have. At least I found this place that I will show you in a few pictures. A perfect place to disconnect from everything, practice sports, be in good atmosphere and listen to music. There is a very familiar atmosphere among all the people who are there to enjoy time together so it's the best place to forget depression. RIP 08-21-2013. La lucha continuará!

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I have a Spinal Cord Injury, but I continue to fight for happiness everyday of my life!