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75 Children Get Their Wheels

Variety SoCal kicked off its 75th Anniversary with the biggest Mobility Grant in the Charity’s history.

On September 25th, 2016, 75 children with disabilities each received a brand new customized adaptive bike. Many of these children cannot walk on their own, so when they receive a bike specially designed for their needs, their disabilities fade away and they experience the pure joy of riding a bike like any other kid. Two major Los Angeles news stations were on hand to cover the event and celebrity Gilles Marini was there to greet the kids. 13-year old Jacob talked with Gilles for a long time about what his new bike means to him. Jacob says, “Everything comes together when you’re riding. When you’re stressed, if you just ride a bike you feel sane. Your anxiety decreases.”

Twins Ride Bikes Together for the First Time

The day was life changing for the families. Eight year old twin brothers Noah and Matthew, both with cerebral palsy, waited patiently as they were moments away from riding bikes together for the first time in their lives!

A Proud Dad

Angel’s Dad wrote: “My son is the greatest gift a father could ever have. By him receiving this beautiful bicycle, it assists him in gross motor development, hand eye coordination, general wellbeing and a sense of freedom, in a life so often restricted by his disorder.”