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A diary of a Cooling Kid

Early days

Elliot had a very traumatic birth resulting in him suffering a severe brain injury and consequentially many diagnoses along the way umbrellaed by Dyskinetic Cerebral Palsy. After birth, he was immediately transferred for cooling therapy (where the brain is cooled to slow the process of brain damage).

Our little miracle

Elliot is now just over 2.5 years old, and despite all his challenges his determination to succeed burns so bright, he is funny, intelligent, and courageous and his bursts of happiness give us strength and love like no other. No child should ever have the start in life that Elliot has had but we are here now and thriving.

Daily life

Everyday Elliot has therapy whether that be carried out by us or therapists, he has daily medical appointments, his diary is more chaotic than anything we have experienced. Whilst we navigate through this world that isn’t adapted for disability, we will do what we can to make the changes, we will strive to make Elliot’s life as wholesome, accessible, and inclusive as possible.

In summary

He is - quite simply put - incredible, he never gives up and nothing is off-limits for him. He is a warrior. @diaryofacoolingkid