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A Jewelry Line Moving Mountains for Adults with Disabilities

We are living most special needs parents' "worst fear"...

When Mallory Paige was a senior in high school, her mother was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. That same year, the day after Mallory's 20th birthday, her mom lost her battle to cancer. Mallory was the second youngest of six mostly-grown children, and her mom had been there to do everything for her up until her passing. Isn't this every special needs parent's worst fear? "Who will take care of my child if I'm not around?" The family was close, but this was certainly unforeseen and unplanned. What do you do when the glue that holds your family together, the backbone, the planner, was no longer there?

A pathway and a mission...

Mallory's step-dad, who she lovingly referred to as "Dad," maintained his role as the provider for Mallory. Upon graduating from high school, she enrolled in Lindley College, an exceptional school focused on providing relationships, wellness, community service and career exposure for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. But something still seemed to be missing. Her sister, Tiffany, made an appointment with vocational rehabilitation services and attempted to find Mallory a job. After much frustration at the overwhelming process of job placement and lack of true options for Mallory, the two set out on a mission to start their own company. One that not only provided an income and purpose for Mallory, but one that also promoted the value of ALL lives.

Moving mountains with a line of jewelry...

Fast forward through the typical start-up business struggles, and here we are today. Tiffany and Mallory design and make their own line of jewelry for their growing company, Mallory Paige Designs, Inc. Each piece they create features a single, tiny mustard seed in a glass vial. The mustard seed is symbolic of a verse found in the Bible. Matthew 17:20 states "If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." The two sisters have thus adopted "Moving Mountains for Adults with Disabilities" as their motto. Mallory makes a commission for each piece of jewelry sold both in their online shop (, in small boutiques (such as Reese and Co. in Randleman, NC) as well as at events they attend around the state (such as Southern Charm at the Farm in Clemmons, NC each spring and fall). The two dream of one day employing other adults with disabilities and creating a profitable business while providing a fulfilling work envrionment that allows the world to see the value of inclusion in the workplace.

And there's more to come!

Tiffany and Mallory are having too much fun to stop with jewelry. The two are making plans to expand their business into other realms with hopes of creating multiple businesses and increased opportunities to eventually employ more workers! You can support their vision by sharing their story and shopping in their online store at!

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