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A life less ordinary

5th July 2015

I was a rear seat passenger in a truck which was involved in a high speed roll over. I went flying out the window, landing on my back in the frozen grass in a farmers paddock. I fractured my c-7, t-4-6 vertebrae, leaving me paralysed and fully dependant on a wheelchair. In the beginning I was not coping at all, but I never shared that with anyone. I kept the pain and fear to myself. Something I should never have done.

Two years on

This July will be coming up two years since my accident. In many aspects, I'm doing well! In others, I'm still learning to cope. I lost a lot more than just not being able to walk on that fateful day. I've learnt to speak out more, to share my fears, worries and problems! It's much better to share your feelings than to bottle them up. I'm driving again, this was massive for my independence, I've been on holidays, and this year I'm even building my own home.


Life changes massively when you have a disability, but it's all about accepting and learning how to live this new life I've been given. Every day I'm still grateful to be here. This is now a lifestyle that chooses us, we need to see the good in it, be the exception and accept no limits. Every day I still strive to be the best person I possibly can! I'm so passionate about being a volunteer on our St. John ambulance Area committee as the secretary. Prior to my accident, I was an ambulance officer. Obviously not being able to continue as an officer now, I looked elsewhere within the St. John organisation that I could volunteer my time, and I now enjoy my new role just as much. Continuing on with things we are passionate about is important. We still have a purpose, it may just have changed slightly!

Love always