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A Person with Disability's Perspective of Learning

Struggles Don't Stop Me

Every time it rains, I always reminisce about my struggles during my days as a college student. I am sure that when you're a wheelchair user yourself, you understand how inconvenient it is for us to go outside your home when it's raining. Don't get me wrong, I love the rain, I truly do, but the struggle it could cause me and to those who accompany me makes me somewhat a little bit hate the rain.

Back then, rainy days made me want to just stay at home and cancel all my errands, which at that time was to attend class. Let me give you a scenario - imagine a guy wheeling his wheelchair or someone pushing his wheelchair for him in the middle of the rain, wearing his freshly washed and ironed school uniform getting wet because his umbrella is not a wheelchair-friendly one. You'll see him soaked before he could reach his destination. Can you envision this struggle? I feel you. Because, that guy was me.

I have a reason then to not to attend my classes when it's raining, but guess what? I never took advantage of it. I've never used rain as an excuse. To be honest, I could actually consider it a privilege, but learning is very important to me. I could sacrifice my convenience just for the sake of learning.

Learning is for Everyone

Actually, I was not the brightest, the smartest or the most intelligent kind of student then. I was an average student who seemed naive about certain topics, but was really willing to learn. I've had used that as my advantage and driving force to continue learning. Something I could be proud of myself right now is the fact that I'm not that naive person I once was (but still somewhat naive at times, hehehe).

Behind everything that I have accomplished right now, the credit does not only belong to myself. The credit goes to everyone who has helped me, most especially to God, my parents, my siblings, my family, my friends and my old self.

To me, learning is for everyone. No matter what your life status is, your gender, your age, your form, your ability, your ethnicity, etc. Those I've mentioned are not barriers or perhaps anythat that would hinder you towards learning and achieving your dreams in life. I myself am living proof that no matter how hard it may seem to learn, as long as you are willing to learn, you can learn. Don't let your circumstances control you, take it as your motivation instead.