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Amy Versus Life

My disability and me

Hi! My name is Amy. I live with a condition called Neurofibromatosis Type 2, this causes tumors to grow on the nervous system. I found out about it 22 years ago. 2 brain tumors and many others in my brain and body (both treated and untreated), leave me partially deaf, unsteady, tired, slow and I speak pretty quietly (to be brief!). I had a large tumor removed from my spine when I was 10. This left my left arm completely paralyzed at the shoulder. At 15 and again at 16 I had the tumors in my ears treated with radiotherapy. Since then, I had a tumor removed from the right side of my brain in 2018, and another from my right in 2021. I am pretty unsteady on my feet, but as far as brain surgery goes, it went well with no serious long term side effects. Despite having a bucket load of health issues and worries, I remain surprisingly upbeat! I document my journey on Instagram and my blog

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