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An amazing family expirence: TomCar 4X4

A family holiday with limited mobility

I wanted to share with you all a cool family and personal experience. We were on vacation in the Golan Hights. Erez, following a c4-c5 surgery has been restrained to a wheelchair. Beyond his usual customized creative hobbies and activities we were looking for some fun and extreme stuff to put a smile on his face

TomCar was the answer

We found a great service that offered a family 4X4 Tomcar trip through the fields. The experience was great! Driving in nature, being with the family, and also eating some watermelons along the way. I warmly recommend trying these experiences wherever you are as they are wonderful family quality time. The only thing I took very seriously was to have Erez seated on a pro gel wheelchair cushion and a some basic back support. Don't forget to buckle everyone up!

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Father to Noa, Asaf & Erez a special boy with a rare disease. Also, I am one of the co-founders of yoocan! Share with me your stories of empowerment & Ideas!



Yoav Gaon

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