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Finding Recovery in Dance

Find your dreams, don't let anything stop you

My name is Janiris Palacios and I'm from Venezuela. Since I was a little girl, I always loved to dance, but I never danced in front of anybody. I was so shy and had zero confidence in myself. During that time I felt sad, but something changed. My life changed drastically from a tumor that made me use a wheelchair at the age of 21. It was hard for me to get used to this new style of life. I felt depressed and lonely as if life was not worth it. I slowly started to adapt to the new me and found the strength in my old love for dance. Now I dance in front of many people, even in places of much relevance in my city. I feel happy and complete when I dance. I don't feel like I have a disability at all. I see myself like I am and I love that feeling. For all the people out there, find your own happiness. The road is never easy, but I guarantee that it is absolutely worth it. Give your dreams a chance, change the way you make it, but NOT your dreams. I'm your fan from now on! BEAUTY IS WHERE YOU FIND IT!

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