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God gives the toughest battles to his strongest soldiers

The Beginning

Hello, My name is Jaquan Johnson (@moviestarquan). In 2010 I received the swine flu vaccine & from then on my life turned into hell. The teen health center in Columbus school told my mother if I didn’t get vaccinated I would become very ill & would possibly die, so my mother felt she had no choice but to vaccinate me. A week later after the vaccination, I started to get very bad pains in my left ear, then a bump started to grow. My mother took me to an ENT (ears, nose & throat specialist) and they thought it was a cyst so they did a surgery on my ear. The surgery they did made it worse. My ear grew the size of a baseball. The ENT specialist simply didn’t know what it was, so they referred me to the Yale New Haven Hospital. Going into Yale my life changed tremendously. They thought what I had was “ca