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Nothing you can do...just embrace it & change the world

This is what i lets have some fun with it.

Hey I'm Matty,

Growing up I always believed in aliens!

Mainly because when I looked at everyone I thought… "bloody hell…I don’t look like any of these people…am I the alien??" ha-ha.

I was born with three ultimate added bonuses to life.

1. I am unbelievably good looking (I thought best get that one out the way first)

2. I have a short right arm/hand that resembles what can only be described as a small slightly battered (no pun intended) egg spatula!

3. I was also blessed with the ultimate half shell which is professionally known as ‘Scoliosis’... some people may think poor me…but would you say poor them to the likes of Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael they have full shells and they kick ass!

The only way i can live

I live a life full of laughs and smiles. Now I’m not saying I never get down because of the way I am, but I’m sure everyone has insecurities and doubts!

All I’m saying is I don’t feel hard done by and I have never, stood at the top of a mountain looked up into the sky in the pouring rain and screamed “WHY ME!!!

The reason is because I’m no different to anyone. No different to you who is reading this now. I have great life! I am surrounded by family and mates that I know think a lot of me and will take the mick out of me not because I look like an extra from lord of the rings but because I’m ‘one of them’

There’s Is no greater feeling in life than to feel “normal” and I am very lucky to have that with my home life, social life and work life.

I don’t feel as though I stick out, or I’m out of place, unless i find myself in the ladies toilets...then that can be a little akward.

Dont idolise, become the idol.

In life you must be yourself! Must be.

No point idolising someone and wanting to create a replica of them in you, it isn’t going to work.

I am me – Matty I am 4ft 11” I look like I have been through the tumble dryer! I’m daft, I’m an idiot, I’ve made mistakes, I am so laid back that I’m practically horizontal and I have regrets but it’s me.

Going through life hasn’t been an easy ride and I have no doubt that the last bit of the ride isn’t going to be smooth sailing for any of us as we get older.

Meet people, get yourself out there!

I think the key is to surround yourself with people who make you feel good, whoever it is, your parents, siblings, love of your life, dog, cat, pet hamster or even a favourite goldfish.

I meet different people every day and that is the beauty of this life, we get to meet all types of people that can change us as people and make a huge impact in our lives.

If you have someone or have a group of people that make all your insecurities disappear and make you feel unbelievable - that is the greatest gift anyone can give you OR you can give someone.

I met my wonderwall. Made me look at life completely different and opened my eyes to what life is all about and what its not about. Its not about wasting time, money or thoughts on things that aren’t important. It’s about focusing on something that is almost imaginable to lose. Gave me that feeling and so much in terms of confidence and believing in myself and striving to be better, that I think I would have to live my life ten times over to repay what I got from them.

Gifts like that from people exist once and while, if you have something like that in your character use it and spray the whole world with is far to short not too.

I look at life like this, I am a tiny person in a very big World. If me writing/ speaking to different people will change even one person’s confidence or outlook on life then thats my job done.

I am an aspiring stand-up comedian, actor and model currently signed to Zebedee Management - got check them out, they are doing amazing things for us "X-men"

I truly believe that I can do anything, apart from juggle…that shits hard.

Life can be shit, but i tell you what its also the greatest thing in the world, because some people never got the chance we all have.

So lets do it! Love, Laugh, hug, kiss, make up, never hold a grudge and whatever you do smile, because that can brighten even the dull days for people 😊


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Hey, matty here!! I am a comedian/speaker and an aspiring model and actor.



Matty Oxley

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Nothing you can do...just embrace it & change the world

Hey I'm Matty, Growing up I always believed in aliens!Mainly because when I looked at everyone I thought… "bloody hell…I don’t look like an