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Our Superhero with Cerebral Palsy


From day one, both of our boys have been incredible and beat the odds. From surviving stage 4 twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome to multiple surgeries- they’ve survived it all with incredible strength. But for Alfie, this is an even bigger achievement.

The disabilities

From the moment Alfie was a fetus in my womb, he has been a fighter. He was the twin that would keep me up at night moving around, and the twin who survived when everyone told us there was no hope. Realizing Alfie was disabled came as a massive shock, as we had been told all his tests came back normal. The first sign was his failed newborn screening test at 2 months old. From there he has failed pretty much every other test they have done on him. At two and a half years old, he has the physical development of a six-month-old at best. He still cannot support his head fully. His only mode of travel is to roll around and he is still non-verbal. He will likely be dependant on us for the rest of his life.

Amazing Alfie

But none of this holds him back. Despite everything doctors said to us, he keeps proving them wrong. Though he cannot sit or crawl, he can roll, and doctors said he wouldn’t. Though he can’t talk, he can understand what is being said to him and is able to communicate he needs and wants to others by vocalizing and pointing. He catches the attention and hearts of everyone he meets. He personality shines brighter than the sun, it is impossible to miss, and his smile fills the room with happiness. Though he may not be able to do everything, nothing holds him back. He truly is the happiest little boy with the biggest heart. He loves truly and his determination means he can do anything, despite his disabilities.


He truly is Amazing.

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