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Rolling In Style- Osteogenesis Imperfecta Story

The Little Things In Life

Hi, my name is Jasmine (@rolloutfitness) and I am 21 years old, a senior in college, and a bow tie wearing chick. I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type 3, which is a brittle bone disorder and in my case causes me to be fun sized! That's just a small part of who I am. I'm so much more than my condition. I currently produce music under the name Mini Producer @mini_producer and I've been doing that since I was a junior in high school. I enjoy hanging out with friends, eating good food, living it up with my fiancé (we are long distance right now and she's great), and just living my life with no regrets. With that "living with no regrets" motto, I started my Roll Out Fitness page because I wanted to show not only myself that I could do this, but to others who may feel that they are alone in their fitness journey. My number one motto has always been "no excuses" and I've followed that even in my short time on this earth. My story is a lot more than I can fit in to this caption, so if you ever want to connect with me, don't be shy! I love being able to meet new people and learn more about someone. Thank you for reading a snippet of my story and I'm hoping I'll be able to hear yours too!