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Standing Tall

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Nick lost his right leg in a shotgun accident at 4 years old. However, this never held him back because he found a love of sports. Nick played a variety of sports growing up and played college club baseball at Indiana University. After being the first in his family to graduate from college in 2013, Nick searched for other ways to continue to compete at a high level. Nick then found adaptive sports, and was immediately hooked. He immersed himself in the culture and community. Nick continued his education at Arizona State University focusing on the sociology of adaptive sports and athletes where he earned his Master's degree. Nick is now a Program Manager of Athletics at Ability360 in Phoenix where he facilitates, coaches, and organizes adaptive sports and recreational programming. Nick also is a Faculty Associate at ASU where he teaches Inclusive Community Sport. He coaches and plays for the Phoenix Wheelchair Suns, Wheelchair Cardinals, and Wheelchair Diamondbacks, is a member of AMP1 Basketball, and Team USA Wheelchair Softball. He also coaches at camps for NubAbility Athletics, a non-profit organization that works with limb different children. Nick resides in Phoenix with his wife, Stephanie, their son Oakland, and daughter Evelynn. Nick's message is about striving through life's adversities and never giving up.

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