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The Adventures of KatGirl Series and Pete the Private Eye

Books that Enhances Inclusion Through Development of Compassion and Understanding

The Adventures of KatGirl series is a collection of 4 stories, that helps educate children on several physical differences they may face through out their day.

The first being The Adventures of KatGirl, about a young girl in a wheelchair who helps kids who are being bullied by using her super hero powers. In this first story the reader sees KatGirl's determination,strength, and positive outlook; in spite of those who doubt her abilities because she is in a wheelchair. She then lends a hand and uses her super powers to help the classmate who doubted her. He immediately apologizes and the two quickly become friends. This event changes the bully so much that he becomes KatGirl's side kick in following adventures. This story helps a child understand that first impressions and what you see on the outside is not the best form of judgment that you must take the time to get to know one another to really know what a person can do.

Then there is The Adventures of KatGirl and the Birthday Party, in this story KatGirl helps a boy living with childhood obesity live out his dream to ride a horse, in spite of his classmates who poke fun at him and tell him he can't because he is too big. This story will teach a child that we are capable of anything if we just put our mind and heart into it.

The Adventures of KatGirl and the Spelling Bee is the 3rd story in this collection. Now, we are introduced to Alicia Madison, a classmate who is living with deafness that longs to be a part of the school spelling bee. This dream is shattered by a classmate named Danielle Del Monaco who points out that Alicia being deaf will make it impossible for her to participate in the spelling bee. KatGirl, and her faithful sidekick Timmy do not stand for this and encourage Alicia to use her strength of sign language to participate in the school spelling bee. In the end Alicia, wins the school spelling be by spelling out the world Bullying while using the American Sign Language Alphabet. This particular tale not only teaches the reader that even though you may have an obstacle if you use your strengths and talents you can succeed in anything. This story also teaches them a fun new language and enhances their inclusion and compassion skills.

Last in the series is The Adventures of KatGirl and the School Project that deals with the epidemic of racial bullying. In this story KatGirl reitterates the valuable lesson, that even though someone may look different we all have something special inside of us so we must look past the external and get to know one another and see if maybe we have something in common that we can form a friendship. This story teaches this by not only imaginative situations but relatable characters and even a splash of recent history. This story will make your child see the beauty in everyone.

BRAND NEW BOOK: Pete the Private Eye - A Collection of Short Story Mysteries. This is a collection of 10 short stories are about a boy living with legal blindness that uses his cane, hightened sense of hearing, and the language of Braille to help solve mysteries for his friends, family, and even strangers. These stories will not only entertain your child and keep them on the edge of their seat wondering what is truly going on but it will also educate them on another form of disability that is rarely represented to children. These stories can also be enhanced by many activities that help a child understand the life of someone living with blindness thus increasing their compassion and inclusion towards those who are physically different.

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