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The Most Supportive Way To Manage Incontinence Supplies

managing a disability

When it comes to managing a disability, such as incontinence, whether you are adjusting to a new medical condition for yourself or acting as a caregiver, there are a lot of fresh challenges to face. The patient could be your child, a parent, spouse, or someone else you care deeply for and the fear of all the new unknowns can add a high level of stress.

For many, when caring for loved ones especially, there are a million questions that you might not have the answers to. However, at the end of the day you don’t want to live for someone who contributes to a world that wants you to suffer.

That’s something Aeroflow recognizes and that is why they cannot be grouped with average DMEs (Durable Medical Equipment) providers. Instead of simply providing prescribed items for a patient’s treatment they act as a active resource to help answer all of your questions to help you find the fit for your loved one, so they can remain comfortable, clean, and mobile.

A Look At Incontinence

To put it simply, incontinence is the inability to control urination or defecation, or the involuntary act of voiding. It’s most commonly related to urinary issues and affects people of all ages.

There is no need to worry, incontinence is completely normal and actually quite common. Generally incontinence caused by a larger condition, such as a developmental delay, urinary tract infections, functional impairments such as arthritis, overactive bladder, and more.

Incontinence has the potential to create a lot of embarrassing situations. A child with pediatric incontinence may not feel comfortable at a sleepover for the fear of having an accident or an elderly woman may not feel able to attend a family reunion.

A spouse caring for their husband may wonder how a long car trip or all day activity would be possible without having bathrooms frequently available. Aeroflow seeks to put those worries at ease by providing a broad range of the most advanced incontinence supplies to make active lifestyles possible without accidents and anxiety.

Incontinence Supplies

For children and older adults there are products like ultra absorbent diapers and bed pads or chux to protect surfaces from urine. These items also make it possible to go for longer durations if a bathroom isn’t nearby.

There are also a number of sanitary catheters available to suit the needs of incontinent adults. Curved tipped catheters that are easier to insert for those with enlarged prostates are available, as well as external condom catheters, and a variety of bladder bags and accessories.

When it comes to sanitation Aeroflow also provides changing gloves and wipes to ensure that both the caregiver and the patient remain sanitary and comfortable. It is always best to be prepared for a quick clean up.

Contact an Aeroflow support expert to discuss which catheter or incontinence supplies would best suit your needs. You may even qualify for free samples to try before making an informed final decision.

Receiving Incontinence Supplies

For children and adults incontinence may be a source of humiliation. No one wants to stand in the diaper aisle of a store with a photo of what they need clearly displayed on the packaging for the world to see.

That is why Aeroflow will discreetly ship the supplies you need to your doorstep on a regular basis. The packaging doesn’t display what is inside, so no one will no your loved one’s tiny secret.

Also, when you’re in a caregiver role or suffering from a condition you may not have time for overwhelming tasks like contacting your doctor or insurance company for these supplies. Aeroflow will take this task off your plate by making all the calls for you.

Simply spend a moment filling out a form to see if you qualify for supplies through insurance, then Aeroflow will handle the rest. We will make multiple phone calls and sit through all of the long hold times to make sure the treatment items necessary to improve your loved one’s quality of life are sent directly to your home.

This allows you to have more free time to focus on the bigger picture, caring for your family. Incontinence is major adjustment for every member involved, not just the person afflicted, but it doesn’t have to cause a radical life change.

Visit for more information.

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