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Through the Eyes and Ears of Autism

Moving Mountains

Hello, my name is Grant,

I don't look at having Autism as a disability, but more of a challenge. It makes me work harder to move those mountains that so many times block my path. Most kids dream of being popular in school, having lots of friends, and joining all the clubs and sports programs they can, but for me, I know with my anxiety and fidgeting habits I needed to understand what makes me happy and look for other kids who have the same hobbies and interests that I have. Socialization is the key to building confidence in a person, kids learn from their peers, and kids like myself with Asperger's have a hard time going out of the box. We are more of rule followers, we like structure in our lives, and making decisions and trying new things is difficult for me even today. I struggle with this, but between my family and a strong support system of friends, every day seems to get easier. There are many levels of Autism, which is why it's called being on the spectrum, I fortunately fall on the high-functioning level of the spectrum called Asperger's. On the other hand, my cousin falls on the other end of the spectrum and is nonverbal. So I consider myself a lucky person because Autism has introduced so many amazing people into my life.

I would like to bring more Autism Awareness to other kids and families through my life stories. Hope you enjoy my posts.

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