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Two Foot Powerhouse: Living with Dwarfism & Scolisis

Nothing is Impossible with Scoliosis & Dwarfism

Sometimes when life throws us curveballs, the punch is a little harder than expected. I can only image the thoughts that ran through my mother's mind when doctors rushed me to an examination room instead of in her arms after delivery. They would enter some hours later to share that her baby girl was born with extreme complications. Dyastrophic Displaysia Dawrfism mixed with a severe case of scoliosis was what they presented to mom about me. Their educated guess: she will never walk, talk, hear, and likely will not live past the age of 6. It would be nearly impossible as her spine will eventually curve to such a degree that her lungs and heart will collapse. That was in 1986. Today, standing at only TWO feet tall, I am probably one of the most unique and unforgettable women many have ever seen. At age 32, I am proud to say that I am defying gigantic odds. Having been featured on many media platforms including FOX, CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, and SoulPancake’s “I Survived” series, I was also invited by the White House’s Obama Administration to help unite women from across the globe.

Made 2 Soar

Cruising in my jet black wheelchair, I've been able to cofound Made 2 Soar where I deliver presentations that has sparked the hearts and minds of thousands of people across the globe. I absolutely love traveling the country, sharing my story and invigorating messages on leadership, diversity/inclusion, and academic success because I can visually see the impact my presence has on others. God has graced me to live a unique life that has indeed been filled with tough challenges, but that is worth everyday he gives me to live. As critically acclaimed artist, author, speaker, and law school grad, I don't mind bragging on myself just a little... in doing so, I hope it inspires the world because I realize that I am a visual example that anything is possible.

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