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Valuable Gems Are Unbreakable

Trauma Met Me Early

Tragedy met me at a young age, 5 years old, to be exact. I’m a victim and a survivor of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of three of my mother’s brothers and the youth pastor at church. I grew up struggling mentally, trying to forget about the abuse. The childhood sexual abuse causes me to have a low-self-esteem with no self-confidence and growing up not knowing my self-worth. I dropped out of high school and gave birth to seven children before I reached my late twenties. But in my thirties, I went back to school trying to do something good with my life. I taught myself how to bake so that I could start my business. Even though childhood sexual mentally cripples you, God put a fight in me that wouldn’t allow me to give up.

Lost My Legs to Recover My Life

Sexual Abuse took my innocence, destroyed my self-esteem, and stained my trust. As a result, I grew up looking for love in all the wrong people, trying to be accepted while being rejected. Struggled very hard while growing up, but God knew the path I would take and the mistakes I would make along the way. On May 29, 2007, I recovered the life that was stolen from me through a tragic car accident. While getting my flat tire fixed on the highway, a reckless driver hit me and torn both of my legs off of my body instantly. The accident was meant to kill me, but God had another plan that I didn't understand. After losing my legs, God gave me everything back that sexual abuse took away from me as a child. When I had legs I didn't like myself, but after losing my legs I started to love myself. You would have thought that my confidence level would have been low knowing that my legs were gone, but God gave me confidence that inspires people every day. Struggles met me at an early age and cause me a lot of pain, but if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. God showed me I was just like a diamond. You can scatch a diamond together and it won't break. I suffered loss and endured trauma, but it still didn’t break me. My life seemed hard to fix to me, but it wasn’t too hard for God. I lose my legs to recover the life that was stolen from me.

Directed My Path to Purpose

Even though I went through sexual abuse, rape, shame, and losing my legs, God can still use me and get the glory out of my life. Now that I look back over my life, God was in control all the time. He persevered me through my struggles and direct my path to purpose. I can tell you today that I received my high school diploma, pursued my bakery vision, which is called, Especially Sweet Homemade Pound Cakes. I started college in 2009, recorded a gospel CD, title My Testimony, and currently working a support group for women titled Valuable Gems. And Last but not least my I published a book entitled From Tragedy to Triumph, “Loss My Legs To Recover My Life. It was no goodness of my own that I accomplished my goals, but God gave me the strength, confidence and saw me through. One song on my Cd said “He turned my mourning into dancing. He turned my sorrow into joy. Remember, God can love you so until He will make you forget about struggles.

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I published a book entitled "From Tragedy to Triumph: Born to Win" documenting a tragic accident where I loss my legs.





Kathy Holmes

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Valuable Gems Are Unbreakable

Tragedy met me at a young age, 5 years old, to be exact. I’m a victim and a survivor of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of three of my m