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We made another 584 million miles

Wheelchairs and a New Year

Hey hey hey, Alena back with some more of my crazy life!

I got some really awesome news today I was awarded a $2,000 grant for an Action Track Wheelchair. I still have a lot of money to raise but this is a good start. If you haven’t heard of Action Track they make extreme our door wheelchair, to be honest they look like a mini tank. You can use them to go hiking, fishing, on the beach, across gravel, and so much more.

I once got stuck in the mud took 4 people to drag me out. With an Action Track I would never have to worry about that again. Me and my mom use to go hiking together but I chair just can’t do it. My mom has congestive heart failure and I am always scared something is going to happen to her, I really can’t wait until we can spend that time together again.

I have about $10,000 lord that is a lot of money…. Maybe I will hit the lottery, I guess that means I have to start playing. I have set up a go fund me, but I know that everyone is have tough times, and it’s around the holidays so we are all broke together. (I’m roman noodles broke but if you stir fry them they are awesome) My mom is my best friend, we talk all the time and I don’t know what I would do without her. I hate that she is getting sick and down in her body. She likes to think she is super woman and does more than anyone I know. Works, takes care of the little ones in our family, and you never hear her complain. She had heart failure, Lupus, Raynauds, several herniated disks, and her knee replacements aren’t working any more…. Oh yea she tore her rotator cuff and had to have surgery on that.

After typing this it really dawns on me that she has a lot going on, and lots of stress. If I could take it all away I would, she’s my mom even when we disagree and try to kill one another.

That is what is going on now! Oh, and surprise I made it awake till midnight Happy New Years. Don’t give Mariah Cary to hard of a time how many time have you sung to a song, screaming the lyrics in your car while stuck in traffic, until the car next to you makes eye contact with you. If you are like me I dance more if someone is watching. She owned her mistake as well, buy staying on stage and letting the crowd sing with her gold plated mic. It’s the new year can 2017 be themed “Just Chill”.

Little fact: It is 584 million miles for the yearlong journey around the sun.

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Before my spinal cord injury I was a deputy in Jefferson county, Kentucky. Since my SCI, I have been advocating for those living with a disability. I have been celebrating my reign as 2016, Ms. Wheelchair Kentucky. I have been traveling all over the state doing events everything from Graduation Speaker for Galen college of Nursing, to speaking to elementary schools. I have attend 82 events this past year, sharing my store and promoting change for how those with a disability are seen and treated. If you can't stand up, stand out!



Alena Chesser

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We made another 584 million miles

Hey hey hey, Alena back with some more of my crazy life!
I got some really awesome news today I was awarded a $2,000 grant for an Action Tr