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Wheel Inspirational- Life beyond my SCI

The beginning- SCI Journey

Ever since I was young, I've been amazed by what the world has to offer. Freshly turning 18 with the itch to travel and make something of myself, I joined the Air Force. For a few years I worked in support of special operations on helicopters. I had the world in my palms. When I wasn't working I was traveling, when I was working I was still traveling. I've traveled from Cape Columbia, Canada to Antartica and everywhere in between.

On April 28th, 2009 at the age of 23 I was off duty home at the beach with family when I jumped into the water and broke my neck. I suffered a spinal burst fracture to my C-6 and C-7. Learning that I would not only never walk again but also never use my hands was a big struggle. All I thought was no more independence, no more traveling, and no living life my way.

Well that was false, one day my mind clicked; we may be handicapped in some way or another but one thing we also have in common is that we all have the strength to be here. Survival of the fittest, we have the power to adapt to life, THIS Life, OUR Life. Ever since then my Outlook has changed, the only limits we have are the limits we place on ourselves.

I bought a truck 3 years ago, and have driven 90,000 miles by myself around the country, flew and sailed out of it, started going to college, and became part of a study taking my first steps in an exosuit 7 years after my injury. Most of all, I am here to show others exactly what we're capable of and how strong the mind is. My moral is we are given what we need to survive and looking down at life isn't going to make it easier. Life is all about how you choose to see it, be positive, stay strong, perservere, and inspire each other. Anything else is just a waste of this gift we were given.

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