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Working from my Go-Kart

guess the clue’s in the title on where im going with this one!!

Before i get to the present I’m going to go back a few years or more I’ll probably waffle on, try not to but this is me so you’ve not much hope!! Haha sorry….

From a young age I’ve watched my mum work so hard from being a life guard/swimming instructor, trampoline coach, to teaching hockey at my school (yes at my school, we all know mum’s love to embrace the whole embarrass your kids my mum did it oh so very well) then starting her own forever business back in 1993, doing all this while fighting with her own body changes as she like me has muscular dystrophy, so watching my mum she became my ultimate hero sticking two fingers up to muscular dystrophy and never letting it stop her from doing what the hell she wanted, So I definitely wasn’t going to do anything less than the same when it came my work life…

I’ve always been a hard worker (well in my eyes!!) my first ever paid job was at 14 as a pot wash, a couple of times I was lucky enough to be a waitress at a restaurant called Softleys in Market Bosworth a country side bus ride away from my village, the reason my mum!! She probably wanted to install in me that nothing comes for free (with rolling eyes and really mum.. in true teen style of course) if I wanted my beautiful horse Tom then off to work at weekends i went to help pay for feed etc, not that I’m actually sure if mum ever took any money off me!!

I’ve worked some weird and wonderful jobs in my walking days from Turkey plucking at Christmas one year with my best friend Leanne when we was 16 now that was a stinky job (no gobble gobbles crossed my mouth that year for sure!!) couple of cleaning jobs, retail, horse yard, restaurant, David Lloyd Leisure, then i found the pub trade and well the stories I could let you but that’s a whole blog to itself I’m afraid!!

In 2004 my life changed ‘forever‘ Did I ever think I would be in the situation where working the job I loved would become a problem no definitely not I believed I was invincible that if I just carried on pushing I would be fine, unfortunately my body and muscular dystrophy had a very different plan. For 10 years it was easier to tell people i had retired and happy with that, hmm I’m not to sure people really fell for that, I didn’t become a complete jobless bum I did a few bits of charity work here and there.

Present day…

Where are me and the go-kart now, After taking to few close friends in the same business plus my mum and of course my hubby whose answer was ‘do what you want baby, up to you’ man of many words my husband lol, but secretly delighted in the thought that I would finely have something to do i might actually stop driving him more crazy than he already is, But only a little!!

So with nothing more but either being inside my own head for the rest of my life (trust me no one needs to be in my head) or doing something that could change my life “forever” three guesses what I did, yes i got off my wheels and did something to change my life for the better, I took the plunge as my mum did in 1993 and started my own business.

Was I scared er yes!! But excited at the same time so many mixed emotions, i was entertaining into a world I had only watched my mum do, the brain is in over drive by now saying oh wait i wasn’t brainy enough for this what was I doing “crazy lady” you’re in wheelchair and have muscular dystrophy with one arm that kind of works and the rest of your body laughs at you!!

After telling myself over and over to just shut up Kerry just do it, a year on was it the best decision i made or a bad one?? I don’t know you tell me…if a bad decision is having my confidence back to want to do more with my life than just sit on my butt (yes pun intended!!), my self-worth I have my smile back I wake up every morning with a smile ready to start the day excited to see what the day is going to bring me, I go to bed grateful to have met and spoken to some truly amazing people, I go out more than I have done in years I spend more time and talk with real human beings!! my passion for life and wanting to show my husband the world in my go-kart is t a high, most of all I have ME back the person I thought I’d lost a long time ago is back with full force, I see the world as I use to full of possibilities, i laugh more and have fun with others I even laugh at myself again, does it take me longer to get things done more than most people of course, one working arm bandit and all that!! Do I care god why should I great things come from taking your time!! (Definitely in my case) Is it hard work of course is it fun though (remember nothing comes for free) do I feel some days I work my wheels off definitely giving up is not an option my want is greater.

To me I’m just doing what everyone else out there is doing working to making their dreams come true and having the best time doing it, Is it luck that i get to work alongside some incredibly inspiring people that make me want to be the best person I can be, i want to be the same as the people I’m surrounded by an inspiration to others even if it take me the rest of my life, so no we all make our own yellow brick road in life if you choose not to change your life then more fall you if I can change my life with a body that hates me everyday and my own set of wheels underneath to run people over with!! (joking or am i) then you can…

So my ending was this a good or bad decision??

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Hi, I'm Kerry I'm 39, I was Diagnosed With a muscle-wasting condition called myofribillar myopathy (Muscular Dystrophy) at 24, the first thing people may see is my wheelchair/disability or possibly the only thing people see when they first meet me. However, this blonde wants to live life to its fullest, to show my disability to be a positive rather than anegitive/burden. It’s made me the person I am today. I created “My Life, Kerry’s Way” as a way of sharing my experiences living with a physical disability as well as the other aspects of my life and what I see from my Go-Kart (wheelchair). I want to share my experiences in the hope that it might inspire just one person to do what they want in life. Kerry x.





Kerry Thompson

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Working from my Go-Kart

Before i get to the present I’m going to go back a few years or more I’ll probably waffle on, try not to but this is me so you’ve not much h