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My Amp'd Life

Hey Beautiful people🤗! My name is Temara Huston. I'm originally from NYC, but I currently reside in GA. On May 27th, 2007 a close friend and myself were in a car accident because she fell asleep at the wheel. I've happily accepted this journey as an amputee because I'm grateful to those above that my life was spared. My experience had shown me how strong I am and how much I needed to grow. I'm steady on this road to inner peace. I live everyday, even on my bad days as if they're not promised. They're not, I promise.

What Moves Me😏

I like to think I'm a jack of many trades. I sing, dance, draw and write poetry. I'm a people person so I am a Psychology major and I also come from an entrepreneurial background. One of my goals is to start a non-profit for amputees dealing with therapy and counseling services of all kinds. I also know a lot of people who have plenty of talent and amazing ideas, but no one gives them a chance. I want to be that person to invest in them.

Never Thought🙄

I was brought to this website because my cousin is an up and coming photographer, and I have volunteered to be her muse. I never thought I could be a model, but now I believe I will pursue it. #Boyvanphotography

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